Who we are

We are handmade and sustainable dolls with a little custom history. We are from Òrrius, a small village called near to Barcelona.

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We are special dolls because we are unique. We differ from other dolls because each Piluca has a name, date of birth and a little story to explain. We are different from other dolls because we can customize this story for you.

We are made with love,

We are like the dolls made of remnants by our our mothers and grandmothers, though our style is more modern, casual and cosmopolitan, inspired by the streets of Barcelona.

favicon               Nona Pinna 

Nona Pinna was customized for a lady from Sicily 101 years old!



We have long legs and wool acrylic from fabric for our hair.We are stuffed with pure wool. the biggest Pilucas have a reused baby shoes.

We like colors, flowers, stripes, etc. We like to wear: necklaces, bracelets for feet and hands, hats, and big or littles bags. Each of us are different but each one is so pretty! We come in 4 sizes: Mini ( 12cm.) small (40 cm), medium (50 cm) and large (60 cm)



We are dolls of different ethnicities, so you can see that some of us are darker or lighter “skin”. We can be from the East or the West, but all have a similar style, a distinctive style that features us. We are traveling dolls, we see the world, we want the world to know us! We have a first name, a last name (Piluca), a date of birth, our own story and a sweet personality.  


Nice to meet you!

Thanks for your attention



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