Muñecas de trapo hechas a mano

Hula, the dancing Piluca, was raffled last February just to share on facebook a photograph of this Piluca. The lucky one, Angeles Molina, from Castelldefels sent us a photo that we share on Facebook @somlespilucas

Muñecas de trapo hechas a mano

Maria José, an aviator Piluca with her plane made in Pilucas. A really special personalized gift. They live in Madrid. We received news that María José commented that it was the best gift she had ever received! Thank you!!!!



Muñecas de trapo hechas a mano


We have a new product! MiniPilucas !!




BizEmprèn BCN 2016We have been in bizEmprèn and we have had the opportunity to learn, connect and connect with many other projects!









MuñecasDeTrapoPilucasCarnival 2016, Júlia and Berta disguised as Piluca dolls!
Thanks for sharing!

This is history, we believe that you are the first girls who have disguised as Pilucas 🙂
A huge hug from all the Piluca dolls.




Muñecas de trapo hechas a mano

Each time they ask for more personalized Piluca!

You can contact us through WhatsApp 675 95 64 84.

The current price of a personalized Piluca doll (we only make them of big size, 60cm) is from € 90 to € 170, depending on each one, as complexity and dedicated hours require it.



You just have to send a picture of the person you want to surprise with a personalized Piluca and tell us a little about it. For example, he likes music, yoga, walking, being shy, etc. With what you tell us we take care of making the doll and personalized history.

For any question contact us, we will gladly assist you and make an approximate estimate of your idea, of your personalized gift in rag !!

First tale of the Pilucas!

Noticias Pilucas

This month for the day of the book and the Rose, Sant Jordi in Catalonia, we have released a book in light that makes us feel that the Pilucas dolls continue to grow!

The story takes place between Òrrius (a small town in the Maresme 40 km from Barcelona) and Mataró, a town / city with a beach.

It is titled “Els Coleccionistes, la Valèria i el Mar”.

It is full of values and is aimed at the little ones in the house.

Cuento muñecas de trapo Pilucas






Feria Autoretro2017@Pilucas, muñecas de trapo


We were at the Autoretro Fair selling dolls to car lovers! it was great 🙂 .)


I want to share some words that we found interesting, that define that feeling I had when I decided to make rag dolls:



The power of the Myth is a wonderful book that gathers a conversation between the journalist Bill Moyers and the expert in myths Joseph Campbell. In one part of the conversation, Moyers and Campbell talk about what happens when you follow your own path:

MOYERS: Do you ever, when you follow the path of your heart, have the feeling, as I do at times, that invisible hands help you?

CAMPBELL: Always. It is miraculous. I even have a superstition that has grown in me as a result of the constant action of the invisible hands: that if you follow the path of your heart you place yourself on a kind of path that has been there all the time, waiting for you, and the life that You should be living is the one you are living. When you can see that, you begin to find people who are in the way of your heart, and who open the doors for you. I say: “Pursue your happiness and do not be afraid, and the doors will open where you least suspect.”



No hay dos iguales

No two are the same

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